VIPRE Internet Security 2014 Released

It integrates two new features to prevent landing on bad pages

ThreatTrack Security has just released a new version for VIPRE Internet Security, one that promises to deliver better protection and which features proactive measures to keep malware at a distance.

VIPRE Internet Security 2014 integrates two new features: Social Watch and Search Guard. Both of them have one thing in common: scanning links in order to warn the users about risky pages before they land on them.

Social Watch verifies all the links reaching the Facebook page of the user, while Search Guard provides its stamp of approval or a warning for the search results in Google Bing and Yahoo!.

With the new product, ThreatTrack Security touts protection against more than 200,000 threats per day and against malware that relies on unpatched software in order to reach and attack a user’s computer.

As such, the Auto Patch component in the suite applies the necessary updates for vulnerable programs (Adobe Flash, Java, etc.) in order to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Other components working to keep malware at bay are the two-way firewall, anti-spam filter and a bad website blocker.

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