VLC 2.0.5 Available for Download

Stability fixes available, a handful of crash bugs removed

VLC 2.0.5 has rolled out and it is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Among the most significant modifications in the fresh release are several fixes that touch on the stability of various components.

In the case of audio output, the developer repaired the problem with initial synchronization with PulseAudio, but bugs are still present with PulseAudio 2.0 and above.

With demuxers, users should no longer experience crashes with some embedded subtitle fonts and the buffer overflow issue in HTML subtitle parser has been eliminated.

Another crash bug referred to MKV and occurred when ordered editions had empty or broken links. A potential SWF crash on malformed files has also been removed.

On the same note, Freetype engine should no longer fail in VLC 2.0.5 when embedded fonts are involved. You can check the full list of details on this page.

Download VLC for Windows
Download VLC for Mac
Download VLC for Linux

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