VLC Multimedia Player for Windows RT New Details Released

The Windows RT port of VLC is coming, developers confirm

VLC will be soon ported to both Windows 8 and Windows RT, but as far as the latter is concerned, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The development team currently working on the project has revealed in a new blog post that passing store validation has become a priority right now, but Microsoft itself provided support to solve the experienced issues.

“We are still working a lot of time, with almost a couple of persons spending most of their time on the WinRT port of VLC media player. The biggest issue is that we have not managed to pass the store validation yet, because the VLC backend is not ready yet,” Jean-Baptiste Kempf explained in a lengthy post.

Without providing any specifics on the launch date, Kempf then goes on with a techy post to explain the development work the team has completed until now.

“It's been a hard time working on this port, with many more technical issues than expected. Therefore, we've been slower than expected. We've done things that people (even from Microsoft) advised us against, and so far we've passed all the issues. So a great outcome is arriving!” he concluded.

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