VLC for Windows 8 Coming, May Be Banned by Microsoft

An early beta of the app is already available, but you can’t download it yet

Just as expected, VLC will soon get a Windows 8 version that would allow users to launch it from the Start Screen and everything, but there’s one major problem with it.

GPL-licensed software, as it’s the case of VLC, may not be approved by Microsoft, so the app could very well remain out the Store. There’s still a workaround though, as some companies opt for separate installers that allow the installation of both the desktop and the “Metro” versions of their apps.

The current VLC for Windows 8 release has nothing more than a basic interface with some huge Windows 8-like tiles letting you browse the local drives for video content.

The final build could be released in the next few months, as the programmers behind the VLC project receive Microsoft’s approval.

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