VLC for Windows 8 New Features Revealed

Developers disclose some additional features to be introduced in the app

VLC for Windows 8 developers have finally managed to raise the necessary funds to port the app to Microsoft’s new operating system, so they’ve decided to disclose some of the features to be introduced in the program.

According to a new post on the Kickstarter page, VLC for Windows 8 would feature camera input support, which means that users would be allowed to record videos from cameras and stream them online.

In addition, the app could sport DLNA client and server integration in order to play media stored on DLNA-capable servers on Windows RT tablets and Windows phones.

Last but not least, developers are working on integration with locally-attached devices for media playback and synchronization and Smartglass support.

The app may be released in approximately three months, so the first iteration should be here by March.

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