VNC 5.0.4 Available for Download

It fixes problem with copying and pasting text in both directions

VNC received an update recently, to version 5.0.4, available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). It does not introduce any new features as the developer focused on improving its functionality.

As such, the new release delivers a fix for an issue present on all platforms that touched on copying and pasting text. Specifically, the fresh revision allows copying and pasting text in either direction if the connection was originally made to a computer at the login screen; this means that it is not yet logged on to a particular user account.

This is the first update for VNC this year. The previous build, released in October 2012, improved support for Windows 8 and added a new feature: the mouse cursor snaps to a corner of the host computer’s desktop when it exits VNC Viewer screen.

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