Windows 7 Accounts for 60% of All Windows Computers in the World

A new report shows that Windows 8 is still struggling to take off

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s new Windows 8 fails to excite right now, but here’s a new report that does nothing more than to confirm this.

Chitika Insights revealed some brand new statistics concerning the computers running Microsoft’s Windows platform, with Windows 7 remaining the clear leader in this particular category.

Windows 8 is currently installed on 3.3 percent of all computers running Microsoft software, while Windows 7 retains the top spot with 59.6 percent.

Windows XP is obviously the second most popular Windows OS on the market, with a share of 25.6 percent, followed by Windows Vista with 11.3 percent. The other Windows versions account for approximately 1 percent of the market.

Figures revealed by Net Applications, on the other hand, show that Windows 7 is the number one OS in the world, while Windows XP comes second with nearly 39 percent of the market.

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