Windows 7 Is Still the Number 1 OS as Windows 8 Slowly Takes Off

Windows 7 and Windows XP continue to lead the OS market

Microsoft claims it has already sold 40 million Windows 8 units in just one month, but the new operating system is yet to take off on the OS market.

Statistics released by Net Applications today demonstrate that Windows 7 remained the top operating system in November, as it registered a market share of 44.71 percent. This is actually a slight decrease over October data, as Windows 7 previously had a share of 44.69 percent.

Windows XP, on the other hand, Microsoft’s biggest headache at this point, had a market share of 39.82 percent last month, but remained the second choice for all computer users.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest product in the OS war, had a market share of 1.09 percent, while the touch-capable Windows RT registered a surprisingly low 0.02 percent share.

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