Windows 7 SP1 Users Can Now Remotely Connect to Windows 8.1

A recently-introduced update comes with improvements for Windows 7

As I’ve told you a couple of days ago, Microsoft rolled out a non-security fix for Windows 7 users specifically supposed to boost performance of the world’s number one operating system.

It turns out, however, that Microsoft has also used the patch to deliver a new Remote Desktop Connection client to Windows 7 SP1 users that allows them to connect to Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 machines.

As WindowsITPro is reporting, the new version of the client comes with faster reconnections, improved security, dynamic desktop resolution changes, and session shadowing.

Users have nothing to do to get the new Remote Desktop Connection client, as the patch is being delivered via Windows Update as part of the Patch Tuesday rollout. Keep in mind, however, that service pack 1 is required in order to be able to connect from a Windows 7 computer to Windows 8.1.

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