Windows 7 Starts 2013 as the Number 1 Operating System in the World

New statistics reveal that Windows 7 remains the top choice around the globe

Microsoft has pretty high expectations from Windows 8, but it’s Windows 7 that’s enjoying a terrific success these days.

New data provided by Net Applications indicate that Windows 7 has started 2013 as the number one operating system in the world and thanks to its market share, it’s very likely to retain the leading spot for many years from now.

Windows 7 had a market share of 45.15 percent for the week of January 6, 2013, followed by Windows XP with a share of 39.08 percent. Windows Vista, Microsoft’s biggest flop in history, remains third with a share of 5.10 percent, ahead of Mac OS X 10.8 with 2.37 percent.

Windows 7 is still the top choice for the majority of users across the world, with analysts and retailers indicating that most users are actually choosing this operating system instead of the newly released Windows 8. And the reasons are pretty much the same: Windows 8 is too confusing due to the lack of a Start button and because of so many UI changes.

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