Windows 7 Still Number 1, Windows XP Continues Decline in December

Net Applications data shows that users dump Windows XP

By on December 10th, 2012 15:02 GMT

The latest figures revealed by Net Applications confirm that users are finally dumping Windows XP in the favor of newer Windows versions, with the 11-year old software recording a market share of 38.98 percent for the week of December 2.

That’s a decline of almost 1 percent in a fairly short timeframe, as Windows XP had a share of 39.82 percent in November.

XP, however, remains the second choice for computer users around the world, as Windows 7 continues to lead the OS world with a share of 45.82 percent, a slight increase from the previous 44.71 percent recorded in November.

Windows 8 still struggles to take off, with early December figures revealing a market share of 1.46 percent, up from the 1.09 percent share last month. Windows RT, dubbed Touch in Net Applications’ data, currently holds a share of 0.03 percent.