Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Most Vulnerable Products Last Year

A security report shows that it is making a real progress in patching flaws

A report released by security company Secunia shows that Microsoft has managed to reduce the overall number of vulnerabilities found in its software, while also cutting the time needed to patch these flaws.

According to the findings, Windows 7 topped Microsoft’s own chart with the biggest number of vulnerabilities, as the company had to release fixes for a total of 50 glitches last year.

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s in-house browser, comes second with 41 vulnerabilities, followed by .NET Framework with 14 flaws.

Microsoft Excel, Visio Viewer, Silver and Word are also making the list with 10, 7, 5 and 3 security holes, respectively.

Skype seems to be one of the most secure products in Microsoft’s portfolio, as security experts have found just a single vulnerability in the world’s number one VoIP platform.

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