Windows 8.1 Boosts the Metro App Count, Now at 125,000

Users are now provided with a wide variety of apps for both Windows 8 and RT

One of the main problems of Windows 8 was the lack of apps in the store, as lots of popular solutions where missing on the operating system, while third-party alternatives arrived rather late.

Windows 8.1 seems to have fixed the issue, as users are now provided with no less than 125,000 apps, most of which are being offered with a freeware license.

According to MetroStore Scanner, a third-party service that monitors the submissions to the store, Windows 8.1 boosted the number of apps to more than 125,000, with several hundred new entries added every day.

Microsoft’s biggest problem with the store is the amount of spam, as many of the apps listed for download are fake and trying to capitalize on the popularity of other software in an attempt to steal users’ money.

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