Windows 8.1 GA Comes with Option to Add Extra Tile Row on the Start Screen

Microsoft implements more customization options in the final version of 8.1

Microsoft has implemented several changes in the final version of Windows 8.1 released yesterday, including a new option to add an extra live tile row on the Start screen.

McAkins Online has come across a new entry included in the “Tiles” section of the Start screen settings that gives you the option to enable more live tiles and thus create shortcuts for more apps.

The new option seems to reduce the size of the displayed live tiles in order to make space for one more row, thus letting to you pin more applications to the Start screen and enhance the modern Start Menu replacement.

As you know, Windows 8.1 also brings new live tile sizes, including a large and a mini configuration which makes it easier to manage the apps showing up on your Start screen.

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