Windows 8.1 Keeps Freezing After Installation for Some Users

The issues appear to be caused by incompatible drivers

Microsoft has a lot of things to fix in Windows 8.1, as users keep finding issues in the operating system officially launched worldwide on October 18.

According to several posts on the company’s Community forums, Windows 8.1 keeps freezing after installation due to a yet-to-be-determined issue. Affected users are provided with no options, and powering off or resetting the computer seems to be the only way to get back into the OS.

Here’s what one of the posts reads:

“I've had Windows 8.1 installed for about a month and it's been working fine. Ever since a day or two ago though, it's been freezing when left idle for a while. The mouse can move but nothing responds to anything. This problem seems to me to have started after installing updates KB2884848, KB2883200, and KB2895219, although I can't be sure of this.”

One of the possible causes for this problem could be represented by incompatible drivers, so make sure you are running the latest versions for each of them. Uninstalling drivers and deploying Windows 8.1-compatible builds could solve the issues.

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