Windows 8.1 Preview Bugs: PC Settings, SkyDrive and Windows Store Are All Blank

One more issue found in Microsoft’s newest OS update

Users have found a new issue in Windows 8.1 Preview, this time affecting the Metro UI and some of the built-in menus.

According to a post on Microsoft’s support forums, PC Settings, SkyDrive and the Store are all going blank after deploying Windows 8.1 Preview. It appears that the issue is only affecting one of the configured accounts and changing the user password doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

“Installation went fine but I am unable to access the store or pc settings apps. Opening either of them produces a blank screen. It also affects Skydrive and trying to change my profile picture through the Metro UI. This leads me to think it’s an account/password issue,” one user wrote.

Microsoft is most likely investigating the issue right now, so expect the problem to be fixed in the next rounds of updates prepared for Windows 8.1 Preview.

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