Windows 8.1 Already Downloaded by 2 Million Users

Microsoft claims that 8.1 is already experiencing a terrific success

Redmond has recently published Windows 8.1 RTM on MSDN and TechNet to provide subscribers with early access to its new OS update, so the company now claims that the success the software is recording is amazing.

Microsoft's Vice President of Marketing Tami Reller said during the Intel Developer Forum 2013 that more than 2 million people have already downloaded Windows 8.1 (including both the Preview and the RTM), so the stable build set to be launched on October 18 is very likely to achieve better sales figures than Windows 8.

"It's a big week this week for Windows 8.1; we've seen incredible uptake already. So far on Windows 8.1 we've seen more than two million downloads, so it's definitely getting a bit of chatter out there in the marketplace," Reller said according to V3.

Windows 8 is also boosting share, Microsoft revealed, mostly because users are attracted by the new 8.1 update that’s predicted to be unveiled in approximately 30 days.

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