Windows 8.1 RTM Now Comes with Skype Pre-Installed

Microsoft has turned Skype into the default 8.1 messaging app

As you probably know by now, Microsoft was planning to make Skype the default 8.1 messaging app in its Windows operating system, so the RTM version finally comes with a pre-installed copy of the tool.

Back in June when Microsoft launched the Preview build of Windows 8.1 it also revealed that its own Messaging app was removed from the operating system, as the Windows Live Messenger client was no longer available and all users got switched to Skype.

Now that Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, a leaked copy of the enterprise flavor reveals that Microsoft is ready to go all-in on Skype, offering it by default to all users who migrate to its latest OS version.

As compared to pre-RTM versions when no live tile was available on the Start screen, Microsoft makes it easier for RTM users to launch the app by bringing Skype straight on the first screen users see after booting the operating system.

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