Windows 8.1 Will Remove Default Libraries, to Allow Custom Ones

Microsoft is reportedly planning to delete media libraries from Windows 8.1

A few weeks ago, it emerged that Windows 8.1 might abandon the pre-defined media libraries available in the navigation pane of File Explorer, but no official details have been provided on this particular change.

Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite now writes that Microsoft’s first Windows 8 update will indeed drop the default libraries, such as documents, music, pictures, and videos, but will instead allow users to create custom ones.

In addition, “Computer” will be renamed to “This PC,” no matter what platform you will be using, including Windows 8 or Windows RT.

At this point, details on this particular change are pretty vague, but the Preview version of Windows 8.1 is expected to be released in just a couple of weeks, so expect more information to be provided anytime soon.

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