Windows 8.1’s “Start Menu” to Feature Shut Down, Reboot Options

Microsoft will reportedly include new tools in the Win+X menu

Windows 8 no longer boasts a full-featured Start Menu, but instead comes with a smaller replacement that can be easily accessed by simply pressing the Win+X combo on your keyboard.

While users rarely turn to this feature, Microsoft calls it a pretty handy “Start Menu” for Windows 8 users who wish to quickly load power options, the Task Manager, program options, and the Control Panel.

It turns out that the Softies are planning to introduce some new options in this menu, including dedicated entries to shut down and reboot the system.

As you can see in this screenshot, a new shortcut to access network connections will also be part of Windows 8.1.

Keep in mind that this is just an allegedly leaked screenshot, so nobody can tell for sure if it’s real or not. Time will prove it, however, as Windows 8.1 Preview is set to arrive on June 26.

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