Windows 8.2 RTM Concept Has Aero, No Taskbar

Check out this new interpretation of the second Windows 8.1 update

Nobody knows for sure whether Microsoft plans to launch a second update for Windows 8.1, but one designer has already envisioned some of the features that could be part of such a release in a new concept.

Simply called Windows 8.2 RTM, this concept comes with several highly-anticipated features, including Aero, a notification bar, redesigned Internet Explorer, a Start bar in the top-left corner with shortcuts for the most important apps.

Time and date are now on the desktop and the taskbar has been removed completely, which makes me wonder how app switching is actually going to work without such a feature.

This concept surely comes with several interesting ideas, but some refinements might still be needed, not to mention that some of the changes, such as the removal of the taskbar, are pretty much impossible in the next Windows update.

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