Windows 8 Expected to Take Off, but only in 2014

New report claims that Microsoft’s new OS will boost sales in two years

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was expected to sell millions of copies in its first months on the market, but according to unofficial reports, the Redmond-based software titan is rather disappointed with the way its new software performs right now.

Citing sources from the PC industry, Digitimes writes that Windows 8 is likely to start a PC replacement trend for enterprises in 2014.

The hardware sector is forecast to post a significant recovery in approximately two years, so Windows 8 would only support sales of new PCs and devices running this particular Microsoft OS.

In the meantime, Microsoft urges everyone running an older version of Windows to make the move to Windows 8, claiming that Windows XP and Vista are no longer secure working environments.

Support for Windows XP will end in April 2014 at about the same time when sales of Windows 8 are expected to take off.

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