Windows 8 Gains Market Share in January, Windows 7 Drops

Windows XP gained 0.43 percentage points last month

Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform has seen strong sales in the past month, at least this is what info coming from netmarketshare shows.

The latest report from the company shows that Windows 8 enjoys 2.36 percent market share at the moment, up from 1.78 percent a month ago.

However, Windows 7 appears to have lost 0.63 percentage points in the timeframe, now down to 44.48 percent share from the 45.11 percent it accounted for in December 2012, this being the first time it loses ground, as TNW notes.

Interestingly enough, the older Windows XP managed to grow last month, now accounting for 39.51 percent market share. Windows Vista, on the other hand, lost 0.43 percentage points, hitting 5.24 percent share.

Overall, Microsoft’s Windows operating system dropped 0.03 percentage points in the timeframe, now sitting at the top of the market with only 91.71 percent share.

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