Windows 8 Gets 415 New Apps Every Day

The integrated Windows Store is growing up faster than ever

Microsoft’s efforts to attract developers to its new Windows 8 platform are finally paying off, as new unofficial reports indicate that 415 apps are submitted to the Windows Store every day.

According to TNW, Windows 8 was adding 365 applications per day in November, which is a clear sign that more developers are now creating apps for the latest Windows operating system.

At this point, there are more than 35,000 tools available in the Store and figures are very likely to grow bigger in the upcoming months. The United States Store holds the biggest number of apps, approximately 22,000, most of them offered with a freeware license.

But Microsoft still needs to increase the number of apps submitted to the Store every day if it wants to reach the 100,000 apps goal by February. If it sticks to the 415 apps/day rate, the Windows Store will eventually reach a total of 50,000 tools available on February 1.

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