Windows 8 Is a Disastrous Product, Says Microsoft Reseller

“You can use it to get rid of customers,” the reseller said

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is not doing so well these days, and reports coming from the Redmond campus are claiming that Steve Ballmer himself is actually disappointed with sales of the new operating system.

A Microsoft reseller told The Register that it’s all because of the changes Microsoft introduced in the new OS, while Windows 7 remains the best operating system to work on.

“You fire up Windows 7 and can quickly find your way around it. Do the same with Windows 8 and you spend two days wrestling with it in order to understand it,” the reseller said. “It's a disastrous product and is a really good excuse to get rid of customers.”

Windows 8, however, is expected to take off in 2013 when the PC market is forecast to post a slight recovery.

If all reports prove to be true, Ballmer blames PC manufacturers for the lack of Windows 8 devices, as buyers have only limited choices when it comes to acquiring computers running the new OS.

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