Windows 8 Is a Foundation for the Future, Says Bill Gates

Microsoft’s co-founder talks about the company’s latest OS

While analysts and experts around the world continue to blast Windows 8 and criticize Microsoft for making so many changes to the user interface, Bill Gates, the founder of the Redmond-based technology titan, says this operating system is actually a foundation for the future.

Talking with Fox Business Network in an interview, Gates said that Windows 8 was just the beginning of an exciting era, pointing to the great touch support and the growing number of applications.

“The way they have built touch in, the way they have the application store, it’s off to quite a good start. You know, making sure they have more, the best applications, more applications, you know, they’re on a really good trajectory,” Bill Gates said when asked if he was satisfied with 60 million sold copies.

Microsoft claims that Windows 8 is selling very well, but the company admitted recently that there still was room for improvements. The company promised that working closer with its partners was a priority in 2013, so we should expect more from Windows 8 this year.

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