Windows 8 Is the New Vista, Early Adoption Rates Show

Vista has always been considered a complete failure for Microsoft

Microsoft previously said that it managed to sell a total of 40 million copies of the new Windows 8, hinting that it could enjoy a terrific success on the market.

But leaving Microsoft’s figures aside, Windows 8 is close to becoming the new Vista, the operating system that has been deemed a total disaster for the Redmond-based technology giant.

Figures released by Net Applications indicate that Windows 8 currently had a market share of nearly 1.6 percent for the week of December 16, approximately two months after its launch.

But according to Mobile & Apps, Windows Vista has performed even better during the same timeframe. Vista had a market share of 2.2 percent after around two weeks on the market, which could be another indication that Windows 8 may actually turn into a huge disappointment.

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