Windows 8 Media Center Pack Freeware for Ten More Days

Get the add-on at no cost until the end of January

Microsoft has already announced that it would end its discount campaign for Windows 8 at the end of the month, but together with it, the company will also start offering Windows 8 Media Center Pack for $9.99 (€7.5).

This means that there are only ten days left until this special promotion comes to an end, so make sure you get the add-on as soon as possible.

Starting February 1, a Windows 8 upgrade will cost $119.99 (€90), up from $39.99 (€30) right now, while the Windows 8 Pro upgrade version will have a price tag of $199.99 (€150).

The Windows 8 Pro Pack will be more expensive too, with Microsoft announcing that it will increase its price to no less than $99.99 (€75) just after the discount campaign officially ends.

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