Windows 8 Overtakes Mac OS X 10.8, Becomes the Fourth Most Popular OS in the World

Microsoft’s new operating system increases its market share on a daily basis

While estimates and early statistics point to a rather disappointing sales performance of the new Windows 8 operating system, new data demonstrates otherwise, suggesting that Microsoft’s new software is increasing its market share on a daily basis.

Windows 8 has managed to overtake Mac OS X 10.8 to become the fourth most popular operating system in the world, according to figures provided by Net Applications for the week of January 20.

While Windows 7 continues to be the king of the OS world with a share of 45.77 percent, Windows XP has lost a few points to eventually reach 38.18 percent. Windows Vista takes the third place with 5.01 percent, while Windows 8 comes next with 2.45 percent.

One week ago, Windows 8 had a market share of 2.25 percent, while Mac OS X posted a share of 2.43 percent, according to data released by the same company.

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