Windows 8 Quarterly Impact Falls Behind Windows Vista’s

Overall Windows sales rose only 24 percent during Q4 2012

Now that Microsoft has officially released sales statistics for the fourth quarter of calendar year 2012, it’s pretty clear that Windows 8 had a lower impact on the overall Windows sales than any of its predecessors.

According to CNN Money, Windows sales rose 76 percent after Windows 7 was officially introduced, while Windows Vista brought an increase of 65 percent.

Windows 8, on the other hand, managed to boost Windows sales by 24 percent, Microsoft revealed earlier today.

In terms of revenues, Microsoft recorded total Windows sales of $5.8 billion (€4.3 billion) after Windows 8 got to see daylight, while Windows Vista brought back only $5.3 billion (€3.9 billion). Windows 7 is the clear leader of this chart with a record $7.2 billion (€5.3 billion) posted in the first quarter on the market.

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