Windows 8’s Success Now Depends on Touch Panels

Touch panels high pricing may affect Windows 8 sales

Since Windows 8 is an operating system that’s focused quite a lot on touch capabilities, its success also depends on the final pricing of devices able to offer these features.

A report published by Digitimes claims that Windows 8 sales could be increased on the long term thanks to a touch panel price cut that would make laptops and computers with touchscreens be offered with a lower price tag.

At this point, a touch-capable notebook running Windows 8 is approximately $100 (€75) more expensive than a standard laptop with Windows 7, so consumers obviously go for the more affordable choice.

New data provided by NPD Group revealed that Windows 8 “did little” to boost holiday sales, as demand for Windows 8 notebooks under $500 (€380) dropped 16 percent. Touchscreen notebooks accounted for 4.5 percent of the overall Windows 8 sales.

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