Windows 8 to Become the Top Hacking Target in 2013 – Security Company

Websense expects the number of exploits to grow on Windows 8 platforms

Microsoft claims that Windows 8 is one of the most secure operating systems ever released, but security company Websense expects the number of threats aimed at this platform to grow in 2013.

When it comes to mobile devices, Windows 8 is likely to become the main target for cybercriminal activities, Websense said in its report entitled Websense 2013 Security Predictions.

“Microsoft’s efforts to produce an extremely developer-friendly platform will be embraced by the cybercriminal community, and vulnerabilities will be exploited. If they deliver on their promise, the rate of threat growth on Microsoft mobile devices will be the highest,” the report reads.

Microsoft has struggled to make Windows 8 platforms a lot more secure, so users now benefit from several new technologies supposed to help protect their data. Vulnerabilities are still posing a high risk, so delivering quick updates would most likely become a priority for the Redmond-based firm.

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