Windows 9 Concept Reimagines the Start Menu

Designers creates a new interpretation of the Windows 9 Start menu

Microsoft is expected to bring back the Start menu in Windows 9, the next full version of the Windows operating system that could see daylight as soon as April 2015.

While no other details beside a mockup have been provided as far as the Start menu is concerned, a concept created by DeviantArt user Reymond-P-Scene imagines this new feature in a future Windows version, mixing both classic and modern design elements for a pretty eye-candy look.

As you can see for yourself by clicking on the picture above, the Start menu also incorporates Modern apps, as well as live tiles to quickly check the weather forecast or control multimedia playback with quick play and pause buttons.

At the same time, it also provides quick access to essential power controls, such as shut down and reboot, all of which have been there in Windows 7’s own Start menu.

Of course, chances are that Microsoft’s Start menu won’t look too much like the one you are seeing here and the company is very likely to stick to the design it presented at the BUILD 2014 developer conference in April.

In the meantime, however, all these concepts do confirm that users want a Start menu in Windows, so Microsoft would better bring it to the market as soon as possible.

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