Windows 9 RT Preview to Launch in Early 2015 – Report

Microsoft is also preparing a preview version of Windows 9 for ARM tablets

Windows 9 Preview is expected to arrive for everyone next month, but Microsoft is also preparing an RT version of this build, according to a new report.

Windows 9 Preview for ARM processors could launch in January or February 2015, ZDNet reports, and could be the very first version of Microsoft’s operating system capable of running on both Windows Phones and tablets powered by ARM processors.

The desktop will most likely be removed from this version of Windows 9, so Microsoft is very likely to concentrate exclusively on the Modern UI, with new features and options very likely to be part of the preview.

The Start screen, for example, is expected is to be revamped with interactive live tiles, which basically enable users to perform a number of tasks without actually opening apps. For example, music playback controls could be available right in the live tiles, thus making it faster and easier to perform certain tasks.

What’s interesting however is that this preview might actually be available for Surface buyers exclusively, which means that those who purchased another Windows RT tablet might not be allowed to download and install the Windows 9 preview.

As you can see, there are a lot of missing details when it comes to the upcoming Windows 9 project, but the good news is that we’re only a month away from the moment when Microsoft will finally break the news on the upcoming operating system.

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