Windows 9 Skin Created with Rainmeter Looks Really Awesome

Designer creates a Windows 9 concept using Rainmeter widgets

There are plenty of Windows 9 concepts out there, but it’s pretty difficult to pick one that really has chances to become reality in April 2015 when the new OS is expected to be launched.

This concept, on the other hand, was entirely made with Rainmeter skins without using any other professional photo editing tools, so you could also make your existing Windows operating system look as awesome as this one with some work.

It does take a while, that’s for sure, but in the time, it might be worth it given that so many users are trying to get rid of the boring UI of the desktop in the favor of a much more appealing design.

As you know, Rainmeter is available with a freeware license and even though it’s not quite the easiest to use desktop customization tool on the market, it provides millions of combinations that could make your PC look like it’s coming from another era.

As far as Windows 9 is concerned, Microsoft would really do itself a favor to make its next Windows operating system look just like that, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. Chances are that Microsoft could make the desktop a little bit more appealing, but be sure that such a radical change won’t make it to the Windows desktop anytime soon.

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