Windows Apps Running on Android Currently in the Works

Wine on Android demoed in Brussels over the weekend

Running Windows applications on Android might be closer than you think as work on porting Wine compatibility layer to the mobile OS is being carried out.

Wine on Android has already been demoed by Alexandre Julliard, the developer behind the project, at the FOSDEM event that took place over the weekend in Brussels. However, according to Phoronix, Android was emulated during the presentation, which was cause for incredibly slow performance.

Even so, this is a step forward for Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") as it would extend its capability of running Windows applications on other operating systems. At the moment, it can load them on Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD. It achieves this by real-time translation of Windows API calls into POSIX calls.

Getting Android applications to run on Windows is no longer a coveted thing. BlueStacks can achieve this quite easily. WindowsAndroid pushes the envelope and allows running Android OS in Windows environment.

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