Windows Blue Development Reaches New Stage, Full Version Coming This Year

Microsoft is highly unlikely to release a developer preview of Blue

Work on Windows Blue is underway right now, with new reports claiming that the full version of the first major Windows 8 makeover may arrive this year.

According to a report by ZDNet, Windows Blue has just reached one of the two development stages established by Microsoft, which means that the upgrade is halfway here.

It appears that Blue recently got past the so-called M1 development stage, with M2, the second and the last important point in the whole process, to be reached by summer.

Sources close to the matter hint that Microsoft may not release a Windows Blue developer preview, with the company planning to bring the full version directly to the market sometime this year. Of course, this could be a bit risky, given the fact that each product needs to be tested before the public release, but Microsoft seems to be really keen on bringing Blue out there as soon as possible.

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