Windows Blue Leaked: IE11 to Feature Tab Syncing Option

Internet Explorer 11 is expected to debut in Windows Blue

The early build of Windows Blue leaked a few hours ago also revealed that the first major Windows 8 makeover would include Internet Explorer 11, the next important version of Microsoft’s in-house browser that’s very likely to bring plenty of improvements.

Just like the editors over at write, IE11 might include a tab syncing option that could prove to be very helpful, especially given the fact that Blue is supposed to work on a wide array of devices.

Basically, tab syncing would allow users to start a browsing session on a specific Windows Blue computer and continue it elsewhere, with Internet Explorer 11 automatically retrieving the loaded websites.

It’s not yet clear whether IE11 will boast this feature on Windows Phone Blue too, but since Microsoft plans to roll out major improvements to every single platform with the help of Blue, expect several new features in the mobile browser too.

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