Windows, Microsoft and MSN Pakistani Websites Hacked on Black Friday

Several Microsoft pages have been defaced by Turkish hackers

Things aren’t going exactly as planned with Windows 8, but Microsoft has another reason to worry about on the short term. A group of Turkish hackers has managed to break into its Pakistani websites on Black Friday, so some of the pages are offline for the time being.

The Hackers Media writes that attackers have hacked not only Microsoft’s corporate website in Pakistan (, but also the local versions of Windows ( and MSN ( pages.

It appears that it all happened because of a security flaw found in systems belonging to PKNIC, a Pakistani domain registrar, which allowed hackers to get into the websites and even post a defacement page.

Just as we told you a few hours ago, Microsoft wasn’t the only company that got hacked on Black Friday, as Google, Yahoo, Apple, Coca Cola, HP and PayPal websites have also been hacked and defaced.

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