Windows RT Jailbreak Tool 1.11 Available for Download

Unlocking a Windows RT device is even easier and faster now

The jailbreak software solution aimed at Windows RT device has been improved with some new options supposed to make the whole process even faster and easier.

The 1.11 version of the app brings command line options and new features, according to XDA Developers forum user netham45, the software developer behind the project.

In addition, it also comes with a dedicated option to check whether the tablet has been up for two minutes, as this is one of the main requirements in order to make the jailbreak process successful.

The hack requires all Windows RT updates to be installed, otherwise the process may end up with a Blue Screen of Death. Of course, it still lasts until you reboot the device, but that may in the end prove very helpful given the fact that some users may decide to reset the jailbreak.

Microsoft claims that unlocking a tablet doesn’t affect users’ security, but the company admitted that it could block similar attempts in the future.

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