Windows Running on Nearly 62 Percent of Computers Worldwide

New data indicates that Windows is still installed on the majority of worldwide systems

Even though Mac OS X and Linux have both increased their market share lately, Windows remains the number one platform in the world, according to data provided by research firm Chitika.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system was installed on 61.85 percent of all computers worldwide in December 2012, Chitika revealed, while iOS is still far away with a market share of 15.80 percent.

The Mac platform comes third with 9.43 percent, followed by Android with 8.43 percent of the market.

While these figures are clearly good news for Microsoft, especially since the Windows operating system is running on more than half of the world’s computers, the company’s biggest challenge is to turn Windows 8 into a successful product.

Until now, Windows 8 has failed to excite, but these figures are very likely to change soon, as the PC market is also expected to post a significant sales increase.

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