Windows XP Is 2012’s Operating System of the Year

New data indicates that Windows XP is Microsoft’s big winner for 2012

Even though Windows 8 got to see daylight in October and Windows 7 has officially been crowned the most popular operating system in the entire world, Windows XP was the number one Windows contraption in 2012.

Figures released by Net Applications for 2012 reveal that Windows XP had a total market share of 43.74 percent, followed by Windows 7 with 40.85 percent.

Windows Vista, the biggest flop in Microsoft’s history, had a share of 6.89 percent, more than Mac OS X 10.6 (2.57 percent) and Linux (1.16 percent).

Windows 8 joined the game late last year, so its 0.35 percent market share isn’t quite important, as most analysts and experts expect the new operating system to boost its sales in the upcoming months.

Windows XP, on the other hand, slowly becomes Microsoft’s biggest headache, as the company strives to move all users of the 11-year-old software to a newer Windows version.

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