uTorrent 3.3 Stable Is Out

It sports re-written disk I/O system, eliminates non-essential features

The stable version for uTorrent 3.3 is currently available for download, after going through more than ten betas and a single release candidate.

This revision represents a milestone in the development of the application since it brings to the table a re-written disk I/O system, which results in increased performance when multi-tasking.

What this means is that users should no longer experience slow-downs when downloading torrents when other tasks (deleting, moving files) are performed at the same time. The improvements should be noticeable even if the writing is done to the local disk, RAID or network drive.

In uTorrent 3.3, some of the non-essential features and those that were rarely used have been eliminated. Among them are Apps, Find Content and the dual list view. The “Getting started” tab has also been eliminated.

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