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A comprehensive antivirus solution that was created to help you make sure your system is secure and will not be infected by malware

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Protecting the computer is a job for a powerful security tool and, these days, more and more users tend to use several products together in order to make sure their PCs are safe from all threats. There are many programs that are meant to act as a trusty guard, some very recently released, others well established on the market.

The old and weary virus fighter

Among those solutions AVIGen AntiVirus is a lesser known utility, that seems to be frozen in time, as its development ceased some time ago. Nonetheless, it is still able to do battle with some types of malware it keeps well memorized in its virus list.

Classical and practical GUI

Even if the looks of this software may be a bit outdated, the interface has a special air, mainly because of the graphical elements. The layout, on the other hand, is quite well-thought-out as it offers quick access to all the features of the application.

Basic abilities and useful supplementary tools

The scans that you can perform with AVIGen AntiVirus are common to all similar programs, so you can check the system, processes and registry, as well as perform custom checks for individual files and folders or for several directories at once.

There are some useful utilities included in this package, so you get a registry editor, a process viewer and a Windows services manager. There is also a quiet extensive list of tweaks that can be applied, so it's worth taking the time to visit the 'Configurations' area.

More so, for those who wish to take care of autorun and disable or enable it on a certain drive, AVIGen AntiVirus makes these actions available from the 'Tools' menu.

Simple, fast, but not enough

The fact that it is no longer under active development influences heavily the performance of this application. AVIGen AntiVirus finishes the scan promptly and less experienced users should have no problems in using it, but the protection it offers nowhere near the current standards.

AVIGen AntiVirus was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
AVIGen AntiVirus - This is the main window of AVIGEN AntiVirus where you can instanly start scanning your computer or any removable disk.AVIGen AntiVirus - AVIGEN AntiVirus offers you the possibility to scan a custom directory, depending on your necessities.AVIGen AntiVirus - The Options window of AVIGEN AntiVirus allow you to use registry tweaks, to enable sound warning or to access process viewer.

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