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Running independently from Windows, it enables you to run a thorough scan of the file system in order to efficiently detect and remove malware components

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ESET SysRescue aims to scan your computer and remove malware components that might have affected its functioning.

Its major advantage is that it runs outside the operating system, directly accessing the file system and the hard disk to run thorough on-demand scans of the boot sector or existing partitions.

Launched from a bootable USB drive, a CD or a DVD

ESET SysRescue can be deployed on a USB drive, a CD or a DVD. Thanks to the wizard-like interface of the Live USB Creator, creating a bootable USB is a simple task.

However, please note that the drive will be formatted, so make sure you created a backup of your data. Alternatively, you can mount the available ISO image and boot ESET SysRescue afterward.

Scan your PC for various threats

You can use ESET SysRescue to initiate smart or custom scans of your computer, in the attempt to detect and completely remove traces of viruses and other type of threats that might endanger data integrity and affect the way your PC works.

There are various scan profiles you can choose from and the application enables you to customize them by choosing the folders or files to include in the analysis. Optionally, it can only retrieve information concerning potentially dangerous files, without actually deleting them from the PC.

The scan results are logged to file and the application can display detailed statistical data and conclusive graphs regarding system protection. Quarantined items can be browsed, restored or deleted with just a click.

A powerful removal tool to find and erase malware components

Relying on a robust scanning engine, ESET SysRescue implements a defense system that is ready to clean your system even from the most intrusive threats.

Rising up to its developer's name, it helps you scan your system from the outside, performing a deep analysis of the file system and the storage unit so as to remove resolute threats. Please note that is is not recommended as a permanent real-time protection solution for your PC.

ESET SysRescue was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
ESET SysRescue - You can use the Live USB Creator to generate a bootable USB, CD or DVD containing ESET SysRescue.ESET SysRescue - The ESET SysRescue detects all the connected USB drives and enables you to create a bootable drive in minutes.ESET SysRescue - ESET SysRescue can boot from the USB drive, enabling you to verify the integrity of the disc and test the memory.ESET SysRescue - screenshot #4ESET SysRescue - screenshot #5ESET SysRescue - screenshot #6ESET SysRescue - screenshot #7ESET SysRescue - screenshot #8ESET SysRescue - screenshot #9ESET SysRescue - screenshot #10

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