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You can use this software to check and improve the protection status for your computer.

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Geekz Virus Remover is an application supposed to do exactly the thing its name suggests: clean your computer of viruses, remove the infections and keep you on the safe side.

Even if it is not a fully fledged antivirus solution, the application is just as effective when it comes to removing the specific type of malware.

Geekz Virus Remover has a very simple interface which consists of only a single window that hosts all the tools.

You can thus scan all drives, scan a specific drive or folder, scan the entire system or scan a single file. And that's pretty much all.

In order to maximize efficiency, the app also has a specific tool to kill all processes except for the system ones, thus reducing the chances of keeping infected files running on the computer.

There's a live update feature as well, but no auto-update tool, so you have to perform the update yourself every once in a while.

Other than that, Geekz Virus Remover is just a basic app. During our tests it froze a couple of times, the stress on CPU and RAM was noticeable and it reacted slow to pretty much all clicks in the main window.

Truth is, it completes a scan in no time and checking the whole system takes less than a minute, while scanning a single file is a one-second job.

On a positive note, we liked the simplicity, but otherwise there are simply too many things missing from the app. This means that you should treat Geekz Virus Remover with caution and use it alongside a fully fledged antivirus software because on its own it cannot provide comprehensive protection.

Geekz Virus Remover was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 13th, 2012
Geekz Virus Remover - This is the main window of Geekz Virus Remover where you need to specify the type of scan you want to perform.Geekz Virus Remover - The Tool menu will display all the actions you can perform in order to improve the security of your computer.Geekz Virus Remover - Geekz Virus Remover will offer you the possibility to change your computer's owner information.Geekz Virus Remover - The Settings window is the place where you will be able to configure the actions that will be taken after scanning.

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