M Autorun Killer Smart

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Erase the AUTORUN virus from your PC with the help of this application

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If your system is infected with the famous Autorun virus, chances are that your full-time antivirus solution won't be able to do the cleaning job since it didn't stop it in the first place, so finding a dedicated software solution to clean your machine is a must.

M Autorun Killer Smart is one possible solution as its purpose is to scan the computer and quickly remove the infection, without hampering computer performance at all.

There is a major thing to take into consideration when dealing with M Autorun Killer Smart. The application doesn't replace a traditional antivirus, so it doesn't provide full-time protection and doesn't support virus definition updates.

Probably the best thing about M Autorun Killer Smart is the fact that it can do its job without having to interact too much with the user. The interface consists of a main window that includes a single button called 'Scan and Clean'.

There are, nonetheless, some configurations you can make in order to activate and enforce USB protection. Thus, you can have all the new drives connecting via USB instantly scanned, cleaned and vaccinated.

The scanning process goes fast and has the power to re-enable Task Manager, registry editor and folder options, which are the features disabled by the Autorun infection.

Another useful feature of M Autorun Killer Smart is the ability to clean registry entries that were affected by the malware.

All things considered,this application is just the friend you need when struggling to get rid of the Autorun virus. Lightweight and easy to use, M Autorun Killer Smart can be just the right choice for any user affected by this kind of malware.

M Autorun Killer Smart was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 1st, 2012
M Autorun Killer Smart - This is the main interface of M Autorun Killer Smart where it will provide you with access to its functions and settings.M Autorun Killer Smart - In the USB Protection window you can choose to close the USB port and automatically scan new USB drives.M Autorun Killer Smart - The Settings window will offer you the possibility to set M Autorun Killer to automatically run when you open your computerM Autorun Killer Smart - This is the way M Autorun Killer will  be displayed in the system tray, offering quick access to its functions

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