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Maftoox Anti Virus is one of the many free security solutions out there that promises to protect your computer against potentially dangerous content that may affect the system. Its main purpose is to provide a shield against virus infections and block spyware, trojans, worms and other threats.

The main interface comprises information about the protection status, the last update and last system scan date, as well as the number of found threats.

Just like any similar program, Maftoox Anti Virus features real-time protection and tries to detect possible malware before it infiltrates the system. When a new threat is detected, the antivirus prompts your for action and automatically send the infected file to quarantine.

On-demand scanning options are also available, enabling you to choose between a full scan (performs a complete, thorough HDD and system scan) or a custom scan, where you can manually select the suspicious files and directories. Exception lists can be created in order to exclude certain files from scanning. Furthermore, you can choose between a normal and a powerful scan.

During the scan, you can view the total number of scanned, infected and disinfected objects, the total duration and the file that is currently analyzed. A complete report can be automatically generated and saved to your computer for later reference.

In addition to this, the application can scan the registry for potential infections that might prevent the system from functioning properly. You can set it to automatically start at Windows logon and run a scan on system startup.

Maftoox Anti Virus promises to keep malware threats away from your computer and prevent virus outbreaks. However, it lacks some standard security components, which makes it a less reliable solution for keeping your computer safe.

Maftoox Anti Virus was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 13th, 2013
Maftoox Anti Virus - This is the main window of Maftoox Anti Virus where you can view the security status of your computerMaftoox Anti Virus - This section will allow you to choose the scan type you want Maftoox Anti Virus to startMaftoox Anti Virus - This is how Maftoox Anti Virus will offer you the possibility to scan your registryMaftoox Anti Virus - screenshot #4Maftoox Anti Virus - screenshot #5Maftoox Anti Virus - screenshot #6Maftoox Anti Virus - screenshot #7

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