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Simple-to-use software tool that helps you scan and detect different trojan types, namely WinTools variants, NewGenLook or Nail.exe

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Malware can get through even if you have an antivirus solution installed and properly configured, since new trojans, rootkits or spyware are created and spread almost every day.

Your security solution might not identify them as threats in due time. In this case, when harm is already done, you need to look for specialized utilities to remove the infection – if you suspect you have been infected with WinTools variants, NewGenLook or Nail.exe, you can rely on Malware Removal Tool.

The aforementioned trojans are usually very hard to get rid of, since they spread to the PC's registry files and other hidden locations that cannot be located by performing a regular registry search. Malware Removal Tool will help users regain control over an infection-free computer by scanning it and removing any threat.

Scan operations

Since it focuses only on specific threats, Malware Removal Tool will spend less time scanning the entire hard disk and the directories it stores, and will process only the most likely locations for the trojans.

The variants of WinTools, along with / and Nail.exe (also known as Aurora) can be detected by other security solutions as well, but they might not be able to eradicate them from all their locations.

Run the tool in Safe mode

To make sure that no traces are left on the target PC, users are advised to run Malware Removal Tool in Safe Mode, so as not to give the trojans the possibility to create any additional backups.

Also, it is recommended to choose the plain Safe Mode (as opposed to the one with the networking option), thus preventing the infection to spread to any network-connected workstations.

Bottom line

However, we should not waste the time we spend on the PCs worrying that we could get infected and that we should not access Internet resources for fear of malware. There are numerous removal tools that can come to the rescue, and security mishaps can be avoided by using a correctly configured firewall along with a regularly updated antivirus.

Malware Removal Tool was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Malware Removal Tool - The main window of Malware Removal Tool allows users to easily scan their system with the push of a button.Malware Removal Tool - In this window of Malware Removal Tool users have the ability to view the results of the performed scan.

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