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On-demand scanner that detects and removes popular forms of malware, which does not require installation and can be run from a pen drive

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Norman Malware Cleaner is one of those straightforward antivirus applications that provide clear-cut options concerning its capabilities. It does not require installation, nor include a real-time guard. The application best proves its effectiveness when paired with a third-party real-time guard, in order to double-check files and folders for malicious activity.

Portability advantages and clear-cut interface

Since the app can be immediately launched by just clicking its executable file, it can be backed up to a removable storage unit as well as run on any infected or suspicious PC without modifying file and registry settings.

Norman Malware Cleaner does not put emphasis on looks, sticking to a classical interface whose main options are split into multiple tabs for each access.

Three different scan methods

The application can verify the computer for malware in three ways: Full looks into all local drives for a thorough checkup, Quick verifies only popular hiding spots such as Program Files and the Windows directory, while Custom gives users the possibility to handpick the exact files, folders and drives to evaluate for suspicious activity.

Scanner configuration and other settings

It is possible to deactivate Norman from unpacking archives, running a pre- and post-scan, scanning the memory, looking for rootkits and fake av products, detecting potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), cleaning viruses and rookits, as well as quarantining objects before cleaning them.

Users may include files with various suspicion levels (the higher the level, the higher chance of detecting false positives), log all scanned objects, point out exclusions, manage the quarantine, as well as investigate the computer for malware using an advanced and risky scanner.

Performance and conclusion

Norman Malware Cleaner delivered good results concerning the virus detection ratio in our evaluation. However, it is very slow when analyzing heavily infected systems and uses significant resources during this time. Nevertheless, casual users are most likely to find Norman Malware Cleaner reliable when using it as a secondary line of defense against malware.

Norman Malware Cleaner was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 11th, 2015
Norman Malware Cleaner - Norman Malware Cleaner will help you quickly and easily detect and remove specific malicious softwareNorman Malware Cleaner - Users will be able to view the total number of malicious objects found / cleaned within the Result tab sectionNorman Malware Cleaner - The Options area will provide users with general, scan, cleaning or forensic settingsNorman Malware Cleaner - screenshot #4Norman Malware Cleaner - screenshot #5Norman Malware Cleaner - screenshot #6Norman Malware Cleaner - screenshot #7

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